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38% of organizations think their digital strategy would fail without an innovative and experimental culture.

According to Harvey Nash/KPMG

We understand the burden shouldered by today’s CTO/CIOs. Not only proving technology concepts, but making sure innovations integrate seamlessly with your organization’s IT ecosystem – to maximize your organization’s potential and meet your goals.

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The Challenge

25% of them find their organizations to be ineffective in identifying innovative ideas (HARVEY NASH TECH SURVEY 2019). We’re proud of our expertise in scoping out brand new technologies and processes, and we test them to verify their worth. We’ll help you understand how technology shifts could impact your organization, so you can identify the risks and competitive advantages of technologies like AI, automation and more – to stay ahead of the curve.

40% of CTO/CIOs say that emerging technologies would have a significant business impact.

According to Deloitte

How Softpal Can Help

Feasibility study

Helping you assess the potential impact of emerging technologies, to find viable solutions that deliver in the real world.

PoC Development

Helping you safely explore ideas and new technologies that could drive business enhancement.

The Challenge

Only 37% of CIOs believe they have a well-defined IT investment process. Proving the positive business impact of technologies can help you build confidence in concepts and secure the investment needed to push those innovations. And finding the right technology solutions, with our help, gives you the best chance of adding real value through efficiency and cost optimization.

49% of IT leaders enjoyed budget increases in last year, the highest levels in over a decade.

According to KPMG

How Softpal Can Help

Feasibility study

Giving credit to new concepts and strategies, through rigorous testing of hypotheses.

PoC development

Boosting investor confidence in the ultimate success of your innovations, through end-to-end testing – including market acceptance.

The Challenge

We’ll help you determine which mainstream and emerging technologies will deliver the best ROI, by first considering your legacy systems and processes. Our independent software audit can help you decide where to make modernization and where to replace – so you can future-proof your business.

78% of CIOs/CTOs believe their digital strategy is only moderately effective, or worse.

According to Harvey Nash/KPMG

How Softpal Can Help

Software audit

Offering an unbiased evaluation of your current solution’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Application re-engineering

Upgrade your core legacy applications, to increase flexibility and support business growth.

PoC development

Helping you verify how technology concepts work in the real environment of your IT infrastructure, and whether they meet your goals.

The Challenge

Our enterprise software development services help CTO/CIOs test bold concepts that could offer a competitive edge, in the age of disruptors. We’ll help you scope out technologies like IoT, Data Science and blockchain, test feasibility, prototype ideas and, ultimately, up-skill and up-scale for delivery.

33% of CIOs/CTOs can’t find ways to test or experiment with innovative ideas within their organizations; 39% find it difficult to scale these ideas up to commercial use.

According to Harvey Nash Tech Survey 2019

How Softpal Can Help

Smart team

Helping you bolster the skills and capacity to push forward with innovative development, and scale for real-world delivery.

PoC development

By partnering with us, you’re able to expedite the delivery of innovative projects without refocusing your core team.

The Challenge

Taking the lead on innovation carries the responsibility of ensuring the safe implementation of new technologies. ELEKS’ software development services help CTO/CIOs verify the security of innovative solutions, while ensuring stable performance.

46% of organizations that adopted Internet of Things (IoT), 44% that adopted cloud computing, 34% that adopted artificial intelligence (AI), and 32% that adopted robotic process automation (RPA) have not properly assessed their risks.

According to KPMG/Forbes

How Softpal Can Help

Security services

A full security, penetration and compliance testing service to verify the safety of new technologies, in line with industry-recognised standards.

Performance testing

Helping you test the stability of software solutions under real-world stresses – including load, volume, scalability and configuration testing.

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