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By investing in small pilot projects and successfully digitalization critical tasks contained by finance, today’s CFOs can accomplish quick wins which will cause the rollout of digital technologies across the enterprise.

Grant Thornton CFO Survey report

Many businesses have an old-fashioned approach to their financial functions, leaving them vulnerable to more agile competition. But 66% of CFOs are take up digitization strategies – driven by technologies like the cloud, automation and complex analytics – to reduce overheads, get better controls and unlock powerful insights. Softpal's innovative software solutions for CFOs, assist you do exactly that.

How CFOs Can Innovate With Softpal

The Challenge

CFOs can now maximize Big Data and use automation software to reduce the burden of day-to-day tasks and reallocate revenue. Softpal software solutions help you understand the opportunities within your finance operations, refine your technology vision and find the resources to implement change.

CFOs will move full speed ahead to invest in technologies to transform the finance function and guide strategic decision-making within their organizations. This approach will set the foundation to drive automation that will result in cost savings, process efficiencies and the agility required for true innovation.

According to 2019 CFO Survey Report

How Softpal Can Help

Application development

Helping you integrate automation to streamline repeatable, standardised, or logical tasks. Automating transaction processing and communication, across multiple systems, for fewer errors and less fatigue.

Application re-engineering

Transforming core legacy systems and processes to enhance performance – without the need for costly full replacement.


Enabling secure data storage and streamlined, secure, data transactions.

The Challenge

With Softpal as your dedicated software development partner, you'll adopt innovative finance processes with flexible budgets, smarter decision-making and a strong performance management system. Helping you progress towards a more agile structure.

88% of executives agree that their finance leadership can effectively sponsor digital initiatives that align the organization with its chosen growth path.

According to TATA

How Softpal Can Help

Data Science

Enabling data-driven decision making, through progressive analytics and machine learning.

Feasibility study

Shaping your vision by analyzing the investment risks on emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, automation and RPA and their potential application inside your business.

The Challenge

CFOs are tasked with improving margins and cash flow through digitization. 55% of them believe that it’s a challenge to execute profitable growth against their plans or strategies. Softpal for CFOs can assist you balance costs and productivity, to attain constructive growth.

High performer’s CFOs are committing to provide the most in digital transformation.

According to TATA

How Softpal Can Help

Data Science

Achieving better efficiency and profitability through real-world data insights. Maximizing the worth of technologies like Machine Learning, AI, computer vision (CV), NLP and more.


Reducing the necessity for giant upfront investment, with a full stack of finance functionality ‘as-a-service’ – delivered through public, private, or hybrid clouds.

The Challenge

CFOs are the all-seeing-eye of business risk, liable for providing foresight on key threats to enhance decision making, in real time. With Softpal as your CFO software partner, you'll utilise internal financial information and external sources to deal with critical risks with ease, speed and accuracy.

The CFO is central to an organization’s cyber defence strategy because they need the simplest view of the whole company’s threat landscape, and may allocate funds to those areas that require the foremost protection.

According to Deloitte

How Softpal Can Help

Predictive analytics (data science)

Implementing analytical models that allow you to quantify successes and foresee changes in market demand.

Cyber security services

Helping you fulfil your obligations as chief custodian of data security within your organisation, so you'll prevent attacks, reduce costs and minimise losses.

The Challenge

Updating your organisation’s financial arrangement and implementing efficient, time-sensitive, reporting leads to sounder decision-making. Our innovative software solutions for CFOs help organise data and reporting, allowing you to supply the timely critical insights your business must strategise.

40% of finance activities (such as cash disbursement, revenue management, and general accounting) are often fully automated, and another 17% are often mostly automated.

According to McKinsey

How Softpal Can Help

Data Science

Providing data visualization (i.e. user-friendly internal graphics and dynamic dashboards) and sophisticated analytics to inform business focus.

Application Development

Enabling trouble-free data collection, management and reporting, through integrated tools and systems.


Re-imagining CFO planning and financial statement platforms with cloud-based solutions.

The Challenge

A lack of specialized technical skills is one among the key challenges facing CFOs who want to adopt digital transformation. A competency gap within a business’s existing resource and lack of new candidates with the proper skills are seen because the main barriers to technological progress. Over 40% of CFOs cite automation as a significant tool for overcoming the skills shortage – and Softpal's flexible, expert team provides another answer.

43% of CFOs report their company has difficulties finding people with the suitable technical knowledge.

According to Deloitte

How Softpal Can Help

Smart team

An Softpal-managed expert delivery unit, which may be flexibly deployed to beat resourcing shortfalls.

Engineering team

Experts spanning multiple technological disciplines, that can be fully integrated together with your internal team to facilitate your project.

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