International Courier Management Software

Add your shipments through CMS and/or Import/Export files. Export your shipments.

  • Import Shipments
  • Weight Correction
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Advanced Rating System

Give discounts from published rates and/or add-up to your cost price. Generate custom rate system for specific customers. Generate custom zone tables & apply rates or use built in Default United States zone system same as DHL, UPS, FedEx, Purolator, TNT. Alternate international routes creation system for additional countries route(s) & rate(s).

  • Tariff Rate Entry
  • Published Rates
  • Discount on Published Rates


Charge all customers with a single click, set default charges, apply additional charges such as DAS, Brokerage, Hazardous Material etc. Define custom charge types, calculate residential fee Address Correction, Exceptional Handling Charge, etc automatically, and many more.

  • Daily Sales Report
  • Generate Invoice
  • Additional Charges
  • Bill Payment Details
  • Late Payment Details

Customer and Contract Entry

New Customer Creation, Create new Contract with Billing Period. Assigning of Special Rates and/or Published Rates and/or Discounted Rates.

  • Billing Period:
  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly
  • Immediately

Generate Customer Invoices

Automatically generate invoices only for those customers whose billing period is falling due. Avoid duplicate generation of invoice for the same shipment. Accurate calculation of freight charges as per Tariff or special rates as applicable.


Forwarding Manifest To Agent

  • Manifest IN Importing using both XML and EXCEL Format files
  • Gateway Master
  • Manifest OUT Based on the Selected Gateway

Tracking Details

We are provided the tracking for DHL, FedEx and TNT…etc. While preparing Forwarding Manifest, we give the Agent Carrier, Service and enter the Customer Reference number for that manifest and prepare the Manifest.By using this customer reference number also we will provide the tracking details of the consignment.
For example DHL tracking prepare the manifest with the Final Forwarding Number provided by the DHL then we can track this consignment in your website by entering Consignment number as well as customer reference number(Final Forwarding Number).


Frequently Asked Questions

International Courier Management Software takes logistics management to an entirely new level. All the aspects of your courier or freight shipment business can be improved with the proper use of International Courier Management

International Courier Management System supports the high availability of courier services to the business and to the customer. The system is being used for day to day activities such as booking a courier, maintain hub details, maintain company details, process data of companies and many other things.

Customer Satisfaction. One core benefit of using online courier tracking system is that it increases customer satisfaction. Higher Accuracy. Provides Complete Order Information. Data Security. Increases Efficiency and Timely Delivery.

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