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85% of CEOs agree that AI will significantly change the way they do business in the next five years.

According to PwC

We know that you understand the potential of emerging technologies like AI, IoT and blockchain. You recognise your responsibility when it comes to your customers’ data and you strive for efficiencies that will Boost Business Growth. So we’re here to help you reimagine your operation: through automation, smart management systems and more – to deliver leading-edge products and services.

Innovate Effectively with Softpal

The Challenge

Maintaining relevance requires digital transformation. We have almost three decades’ experience in helping CEOs effectively implement and integrate digital change within their businesses – and we can help you do the same.

55% CEOs said they are not able to innovate affectively. The skills gap is a particular pain point, impeding innovation and prompting higher people costs.

According to PwC

How Softpal Can Help

Application development

We provide industry-leading full cycle custom application development, to help you drive digital change.

Application re-engineering

We’ll help you upgrade core legacy applications to support business growth.

Software audit

Together, we’ll create a software roadmap that identifies project maturity and business analysis weaknesses, allowing you to maximise future efficiency.

The Challenge

Scaling your in-house resource to meet changing demand costs time and money. Softpal's team of over 1400 experts is armed with decades of knowledge and ready to help you flexibly scale your team, as and when you need it. So you can implement change and deliver impeccable products faster and more cost-effectively.

The skills gap is a particular pain point for CEOs, impeding innovation and prompting higher people costs.

According to PwC

How Softpal Can Help

Smart team

An Softpal-managed delivery unit, ready to facilitate your project.

Engineering team

A team of dedicated experts, spanning multiple technological disciplines, fully integrated with your internal team.

The Challenge

Business strategy and technological innovation are now one and the same – and CEOs that lead their company through digital transformation are 2.5x more likely to have confidence in their competitive position. We partner with CEOs to help them unlock the power of their data and carve out a niche.

81% of CEOs agree that if they don’t embrace IT Transformation, their companies won’t be competitive.

According to Dell EMC

How Softpal Can Help

Feasibility study

Helping you understand the potential business impact of emerging technologies.

PoC development

Helping you safely explore ideas and new technologies that could enhance your business and improve service.

Market Research

Evaluating your sector’s competitive landscape, so you can take advantage of the opposition’s weaknesses.

The Challenge

We know that digital transformation can impact traditional revenue streams. We’ll help you lead the innovation of your business model to identify new markets and growth sources, by working with you to validate ‘risky’ concepts and emerging technologies like AI. We can help you find the right solutions to evolve your business for today’s market, with minimal risk to finances or brand reputation.

85 percent of CEOs agree that AI 8 will significantly change the way they do business in the next five years.

According to PwC

How Softpal Can Help

PoC development

Helping you make robust project predictions and create a roadmap for success – before you invest.

Feasibility study

Helps you validate ideas early, reducing technical uncertainty with minimal upfront investment.

Data Science

A service that helps you mine your valuable data to unlock the internal growth potential of your business.

The Challenge

We know you recognise the value of customer data and its potential to help you tailor your services. We also know that 55% of CEOs see robust cyber defences as the key to developing consumer trust. If that trust is broken by a chink in your software’s armour, the consequences can be catastrophic. So Softpal's security and compliance services help you identify weaknesses and fulfil your responsibility as a protector of consumer data.

For 89% USA CEOs protection of customer data is a top personal responsibility.

According to KPMG

How Softpal Can Help

Security services

A comprehensive security and compliance testing service that verifies the strength of your entire IT solution, in line with industry-recognised standards.

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