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Product Innovation Strategy
benefits for a product leader

What's Top of Mind for a
Product Leader

56% percent of customers (including 66% of business buyers) actively seek to buy from the most innovative companies.

According to Salesforce

As digital transformation beckons, the role of product leader becomes a delicate balance between design-based strategy, market evaluation, team optimization and P&L management. Softpal's services for product leaders help you gain market insights that inform meaningful development – faster, more securely and more cost-effectively. We provide the expert resource and flexible cooperation models to help you realize your development goals.

Innovate to Deliver the Best UX and ROI

The Challenge

Maintaining your product competitive and profitable is fundamental to ensuring healthy business growth. Softpal provides the resource, strategy and development support you need to deliver your most complex software requirements. In turn, you’ll reduce your in-house costs, get your product to market faster and meet even your most challenging software development goals.

To keep pace in an expanding global marketplace, businesses are under increasingly intense pressure to develop and launch new products at ever greater speeds.

According to McKinsey

How Softpal Can Help

Smart Team

Develop with the speed, agility and expertise of Softpal's smart team – providing full SDLC setup, project and risk management and implementation of knowledge sharing, to bolster your in-house team.

Engineering team

Secure support from a multi-skilled expert team, to help you reduce time-to-market and lower development costs and overall project risk – while building internal knowledge.

The Challenge

Scaling your in-house resource to meet changing demand costs time and money. Softpal's team of over 1400 experts is armed with decades of knowledge and ready to help you flexibly scale your team, as and when you need it. So you can implement change and deliver impeccable products faster and more cost-effectively.

Companies which integrate data capture, analysis and integration into their workflows and product development will be at a distinct advantage to those that carry on with business as usual.

According to IDG

How Softpal Can Help

Data Science

Gain insights that allow you to make smarter business decisions, based on customer and product-level profitability. So you can focus your development efforts where they’ll deliver the best ROI.

Market research

Identify growth areas and segmentation strategies while gaining insight into competitor activities. So you can carve out a competitive niche and drive profitable growth.

The Challenge

Successful innovators recognise the difference between truly promising technologies and short-term fads. We help product managers hone their product innovation strategy, by identifying emerging technologies that provide real competitive advantage and longevity. So you can invest with less risk and maximum ROI.

A majority of customers say their expectations are already impacted by up-and-coming technologies like the IoT (60%), voice-activated personal assistants (59%), and AI (51%).

According to Salesforce Research

How Softpal Can Help

Feasibility study

Explore the benefit of technologies like AI, IoT and Blockchain. Identify market growth opportunities and have your product innovation strategy validated – based on real-world wants – before you invest.

PoC development

Test out your boldest innovative ideas so you can avoid the risk of un-proven concept investment. Softpal's PoC development helps you refine your product ideas for the best chance of success.

Product design

Redefine, reposition, improve and grow your existing products while identifying competitive innovation opportunities. Our product design team applies Design Thinking to help you prioritise and shorten your SDLC – before we implement your product roadmap.

The Challenge

To guarantee a consistently swifter SDLC, product leaders need to reimagine their internal design, development and deployment processes. Softpal's for product leaders helps you rethink the status-quo. And in doing so, you’ll realise revenues faster, increase your organisation’s market share and enhance brand image.

Emerging evidence suggests that in the digital economy, which favours first movers and fast followers, issuing a well-developed product too late is more costly than being first to market with a good product that still has some rough edges.

According to McKinsey

How Softpal Can Help

UX consulting

Design with your customers in mind, through customer research and analysis. Validate concepts and realise your product with user acceptance testing, rapid, low-cost prototyping and roadmap creation.


Streamline your SDLC and speed up testing and time-to-market with cost-effective DevOps and continuous-delivery models.

Smart team

Develop faster and more efficiently, with Softpal's smart team – offering best-fit staff, facilities and technology; SDLC setup; QA strategy; team/project management, scope decomposition and guidance.

Quality assurance

Deliver your product to market up to 80% faster and avoid reworks, with performance and test automation services that support continuous integration and deployment.

The Challenge

We know that your primary concern is customer acquisition and retention. So we’ll help you identify customer appetite with Data Science, and refine your product innovation strategy to offer a new level of customer experience, performance and security – through emerging technologies like AR, IoT, AI and blockchain.

59% of customers are open to companies using AI to improve their experiences.

According to Salesforce Research

How Softpal Can Help

Data science

Analyse customer behaviour, purchasing and usage data – to develop innovative product concepts and reposition your existing offering.

Feasibility study

Explore the business potential of technologies including blockchain , IoT, AR/VR, RPA and AI, to create your unique selling point and upgrade your existing products.

The Challenge

Today’s connected consumers are inundated with choice and increasingly scrutinising. 64% of customers say excellent, tailored customer experience can gain their loyalty, while 62% are increasingly afraid of their data being compromised. We help businesses deliver a UX that’s shaped to the needs of their customers – while safeguarding quality and security.

57% of customers have stopped buying from a company because a competitor provided a better experience while 67% say they’ll pay more for a great experience.

According to Salesforce Research

How Softpal Can Help

UX Consulting

We help product leaders walk in their customers’ shoes through rigorous user analysis. So you can develop products with real-world pain points and wants in mind.

Performance testing service

Deliver products that are worthy of your audience and minimise the risk of downtime and brand damage, with testing that addresses issues with peak performance, responsiveness, and stability.

Security services

Proactively identify security threats and evaluate compliance, so you can prevent cyber attacks, respond rapidly and reduce costs and losses – keeping your customers’ data safe and secure.

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