Visitor GatePass Management

Faster Access,Easy Deployment, Barcode Integration,Web Camera Interface,Highly Secured and User Friendly.

Software Features
  • Visitor Pass with Visitor photograph.
  • Category of visitors maintenance.
  • Individual, Vehicle, Semi-permanent visitors, Permanent visitors.
  • Specific Management Information System (MIS) Reporting.
  • Database connectivity between server and customization software server.
  • Various reports generation for staff.
  • Integration of this system with main controller and linkage to main server.
Software Specification
  • Highly secured, duplication of number is not possible.
  • The random number generated gets automatically deleted once exit is takenplace.
  • Individual, Vehicle, Semi-permanent visitors, Permanent visitors.
  • Data base of visitors, History report., Various search facility.
Report Generation
  • List of Visitors, Department wise and Officer wise.
  • Personnel Information of the Visitor.
  • History Report, Various filters for reporting and Web based Reports.