Dispatch Process Automation System

Barcode Automation and Tracking System Helps in Easier Sales and, Dispatch Management and Record keeping of your Cylinder.

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Dispatch Software takes care of following module:

  • Tare Weight Section - Tagging the Cylinder with Barcode
  • Pneumatic Testing Section
  • Stenciling / Number Cutting / Pre-Dispatch Section
  • BIS – Test Certification Section
  • Dispatch Section
  • Administration
  • Dispatch Process Automation System

Dispatch Process has the following module:

  • Largest pool of happy and satisfactory customers since last 22 years
  • R&D of over 22 years to develop 9th version of Barcode Automation Software
  • Most extensive coverage of LPG cylinder production stages and reports
  • Stages covered - Punching, Pneumatic, Pre-dispatch, Dispatch and more
  • 100% success rate in all plants
  • Easy to use and manage software
  • Automatic alarm for out of range and exceptions
  • Automatic Test Certificate identification
  • Dispatch time reduction by ~80%
  • Total cost of ownership

Some of our Respected Satisfactory Clients

Bhartia Group
  • Carbac
  • Haldia at Siliguri
  • North India 1 and 2, Kolkata All Units
  • Sahuwala all four units
  • Econ Cylinders - Vizag all Factories Units,
Kela Group
  • Super Industries, Nashik and all others
  • Om Containers, Nashik
JKB, Kolkata
Sanghvi Group
  • Hyderabad Cylinders all Four Factories
Gupta Group
  • Perfect CFN Faridabad
Bajoria Group
  • Rajasthan Cylinders Jaipur
Many other prestigious units like Tata Advanced Systems Ltd, Tata Lockheed Martin Aerostructures Limited , etc.

Our Products

  • Barcoding
  • RF ID
  • Push Notification
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • ComputerTelephony
  • SMS
  • Printer Driver
  • Offline-Online Application development and Integration
  • Performance Issues in your Existing software
  • Solving Problem in Software and Operations
  • Very Large Database VLDB Management, Maintenance, Performance Enhancements and Optimization Solving Consignment Tracking Issues in Courier, Cargo Software
  • API Integration of Fedex, Purolator, DHL, UPS, etc.
  • New Feature Implementation in your Existing Software
  • Integration with other Software, Services, Applications
  • Data Import, Export Issues
  • Auto Alert through email, SMS, etc.
  • Migration of Software Application
  • Migration of Data from any format to any other format
  • Preparation of User manual, Training Kit preparation, Software Documentation, Third Party Testing of Software for Quality and suggest improvements

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