Business Models

We currently have the following kinds of business arrangements for our Clients.

Share the Savings Accrued through Computerization
  • Under this model, we either develop an application or install one of our existing products for the Clients without any payments in advance.
  • The Clients make payments in proportion to the savings accrued through our computerization, based on a savings calculation model arrived at, in consultant the Clients, prior to computerization.
Software Application Rental
  • Under this model, Clients are provided with a software application on a monthly rental basis.
  • The Clients may access software application via the Internet
Existing Product Installation
  • If one or more of our products befit the Clients’ requirement, we would be more than happy to install the same for them, at a very nominal cost.
Customized Software Application Development
  • Under this model, we undertake to develop applications based on the Clients’ requirements. The Clients are required to make advance and interim payments as agreed upon, at the time of signing the contract.
Product Development on Revenue Share Basis
  • We also undertake to develop, maintain and improvise software products in collaboration with other business organizations, on revenue share basis.



Business Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 9am to 8pm
    Saturday: 9am to 6pm
    Sunday: Closed

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