Cargo, Logistics Management Software

Cargo Logistics Management software, is easy-to-use, courier software solution specifically designed for the courier, messenger, expediting and distribution industries. Offer real-time delivery tracking, barcode scanning and signature capture. Our Cargo management and logistics software design for planning, control and implementation of the effective movement and storage of related information, goods and services from origin to destination.

Online Integrated Web Based Logistics Management software Some of features listed below:

  • Master Files
    • Locations,
    • Suppliers,
    • Vendors,
    • Staff/Employee,
    • Customers,
    • Route, etc
  • Operations from Outgoing to Incoming, and Booking to Billing
    • Each Bins / Racks / frames will be identified by a unique number for each transaction

For each cycle of bins movement, following eight steps can be planned:

  • Booking of Bins / Racks, In-scan
    • at Starting point at our Delhi office
  • Out Scan Entry as Manifest,
    • when dispatching from our Delhi Office to Supplier
  • Manifest Received at Supplier
    • when dispatching from Supplier to Customer (ex., Punjab)
  • Manifest Received at customer (e.g. at Punjab)
  • Out scan as new Manifest,
    • when dispatching from Customer our Delhi office
  • Manifest Received at our Delhi office
  • Security
    • Role based permission for each user
  • Customer Relationship - Front Office Management
  • Customer Reports
  • Operations Department Reports
  • Management Reports
  • Optional – SMS integration – send SMS or receive SMS to and from software.

Our Products

  • Barcoding
  • RF ID
  • Push Notification
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • ComputerTelephony
  • SMS
  • Printer Driver
  • Offline-Online Application development and Integration
  • Performance Issues in your Existing software
  • Solving Problem in Software and Operations
  • Very Large Database VLDB Management, Maintenance, Performance Enhancements and Optimization Solving Consignment Tracking Issues in Courier, Cargo Software
  • API Integration of Fedex, Purolator, DHL, UPS, etc.
  • New Feature Implementation in your Existing Software
  • Integration with other Software, Services, Applications
  • Data Import, Export Issues
  • Auto Alert through email, SMS, etc.
  • Migration of Software Application
  • Migration of Data from any format to any other format
  • Preparation of User manual, Training Kit preparation, Software Documentation, Third Party Testing of Software for Quality and suggest improvements

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