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There is always innovative ideas developed using combination of advanced techonology and software and one of it is management system. The main aim to develop this technique is that in the present situation there is a lot of illegal activities is taking place in almost every corner of the world. To tackle these need to build or produce new weapons and to maintain and overcome the problem of weapon theft or misplacement. At softpal our group of exerts has developed an concept called Weapon Management System.

Weapon management system is most important tool to track or manage all types of weapons, arms and ammunition with the technology or system called RFLD(Radio-frequency identification). This system helps to sort or handle and types weapons used by paramilitary forces,defence forces, Anti Terrorist Squad state police, CID as well as with private security services. This also helps to keep complete record, annual maintenance and also check the handling status by right person at right place. This will also reduces the physical stress of the staff regarding the handling of complicated tasks regarding all sort of weapons at various levels with less human efforts and zero errors effect in proper handling.

Product Features : र 25,00,000

  • VeaponSoft is the most comprehensive software in the market for Weapons Management & Tracking.
  • VeaponSoft is uses bar-codes and hand held bar-code readers,
  • VeaponSoft is integrated with Bio-metric registration and verification systems, to keep track of weapons in a most secured form.

VeaponSoft helps in tracking the items like:

  • Weapons
  • Magazines / Cartridges
  • Ammunition
  • Arms
  • Guns
  • Bullets / Rubber bullets
  • Munitions
  • Projectiles
  • Missiles
  • Rockets
  • Bombs / Grenades
  • Explosives
  • Mortars
  • Warheads
  • Canisters/ Cylinders

Security Feature

  • Role Based Security is provided for each feature and each user
  • Biometric Security for every issue of Weapon / Asset

System Features

  • Complete history of weapons purchased, cost, department Items,
  • charged to, previous and present locations
  • Vendor, the items purchased from.
  • Make, model, Butt number and serial number of the item.
  • The grouped in multi-level Category - the weapon is found under.
  • Weapons can be issued and returned to authorized personnel for carrying out determined types of duties.
    • Operational Duty
    • Vyasnagar Guard
    • Glory Guard
    • Demo
    • Firing Test
    • Arms Cleaning
    • Refresher Course
    • Arms inspection
    • arms inspection and Lubrication
    • Other Duty
  • VeaponSoft permits of issuing only based on allotment to the authorized personnel.


  • Accurate reporting for insurance, fires or theft purposes
  • Quick & easy physical count at quarter end for audit purposes
  • Accurate records of disposed or written off items
  • Accurate reporting of status for each weapon
  • Ability to track which employee has which weapon
  • Loss prevention simplifies Office or departmental moves

Statutory Reports

  • Nominal Reports
  • Daily Abstract Reports
  • Stock Reports
  • Un-Returned Weapons / Assets List
  • Un-Allotted Weapons / Assets List
  • Un-Allotted Employees List
  • Physical Stock Verification supported with Hand held device – Generates Less and Excess reports.

Reports – Weapons/ Ammunition

Simply scan the barcode and then all the weapons in that room, any changes will be shown in one of the many reports.

  • Daily Abstract In and Out Report
  • Detailed weapons Information report
  • Summary weapons information report
  • Summary of weapons by type report
  • Summary of weapons by model report
  • Weapon location report
  • Allotted and Un-allotted weapons reports
  • Unreported weapons report

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