An exception is a status you may see when you track your delivery. It normally indicates a delay or problem with a shipment.

Exception - Courier Feature

An exception occurs when a package is temporarily delayed while in transit.

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Reasons For Exception

  • If the delivery address on the package’s label is incorrect, incomplete, or undeliverable, the chance of a delivery exception occurs.
  • Inclement weather or severe weather conditions like winter storms, can make delivery routes impassable, leading to delays.
  • A package may be lost in transit. If no one can locate it, this can be the most severe type of delivery exception.
  • If the package itself is damaged, it might be necessary to cancel the shipment and immediately send out a replacement.
  • On federal holidays, shipping carriers are less likely to be operating, meaning this delivery exception can occur.
  • Click on Recovery which is in Domestic menu then click on Exception, where we can update the status to consignment.
  • Before updating the status, make sure that whether your logged in location and consignment current location is same or not.
  • Status can be updated in consignment current location only.
  • Enter consignment number, select status (which you want to update), select date filter then click on update, status will be updated.
  • To know that whether status has been updated or not for that consignment, track the consignment, and it will show status of consignment.